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Business Administrative Outsourcing Services

Scale faster with a results-driven remote team. We connect Businesses with highly skilled global talent. With 25+ years in the Insurance industry, you get the perfect-fit candidate every time.

Who is ICS?

Insure Connect is an independent organisation with over 25 years of Insurance administration and outsourced experience by an insurance company, broker and Underwriting Managers to administer and manage functions in preference to delivering those services in-house.

Our thinking

For any insurance business the concept of outsourcing important aspects of its service offering is one it must take seriously, as clients and brokers may perceive the company to be forgoing control of some of its core functions. It is equally important, however, that clients and brokers understand what it means to outsource and the benefits it delivers.

How we can help you

We are global leaders in attracting, retaining, scaling, training and developing talent, who have exceptional English language written and communication skills, and extremely high work ethic, familiar with a highly regulated industry and its requirements, the business case is that they are located in South Africa where the costs of these services are significantly lower than anywhere else globally.

9 benefits of outsourcing administrative functions for the insurance industry

Have you ever wondered why outsourcing administrative functions for the insurance industry is popular? Do you want to grow your insurance business? As a business your main driver is to increase productivity and profits.

The advantages of having an outside source manage certain tasks for insurance businesses are listed here.




Outsourcing administrative functions reduces labor and operational expenses. Costs associated with equipment, office space, and salaries are no longer accounted for.

Moreover, you do not have to invest in training and technology.



Hiring outsourced experts improves efficiency and hours of working.

This results in accuracy in data and claims processing, underwriting, and policy management. These specialists also provide advice and solutions to businesses.



Outsourcing administrative functions improves customer service. Outsourcing providers can provide 24/7 customer support.

Maintaining the quality of customer service is a must for successful companies.



Outsourcing administrative functions allows you to focus on core tasks. The shifted focus improves business efficiency.

This also provides opportunities for companies to improve their service.



This allows insurance companies to adapt to changes in compliance and client demands. Insurance businesses enjoy increased flexibility in resource allocation and employment.

During seasonal fluctuations, flexibility is beneficial to businesses.



Data processing requirements expand alongside a business’ growth. Hiring outsourcing companies ensure access to advanced technology and machinery.

This helps insurance companies perform data entry services with accuracy.



By adding significant margin to your business, with the administrative partnership allows you to pay more for acquisitions and quickly integrate the business into your structure and scale at a pace to outsmart your competitors providing a distinct competitive edge.



In a growing market, we focus on attracting talent, training and development and systems, you focus on growth, and we can scale to match your administrative needs, we focus on what we do best, allows you to focus with certainty.



As your outsourced partner we
deal with the recruitment, training,
succession, compliance, disciplinary,
saving you management time and
significant costs, allowing you to

Our Service Offering

We build teams of outsourced admin support professionals. Together, we’ll pave the path for business growth

We offer Tier 1 and Tier 2 administrative staff.

Data Security is core to ICS offerings

As we operate in a highly regulated industry, data privacy and security is our highest priority. Our staff is a remote workforce operating on your systems, e-mail platform, IT security systems, and policies. In addition, the local South African environment works with the latest data security, firewalls, encryption, and endpoint protection. We conduct regular audits and penetrative tests.

  • Data Privacy aims to safeguard personal information from unauthorised access, ensuring that sensitive data such as financial records remain secure.
  • We prioritise data privacy and demonstrate our commitment to protecting personal information, building a reputation for reliability and integrity.
  • All data protection laws and regulations are strictly adhered to, protecting data privacy rights.
  • As an organisation that handles data, we ensure that we follow your consent for data collection, use, and sharing, which is documented in our standard operating procedures.
  • Data privacy is not just about protection; it also fuels innovation. When individuals trust their data will be handled responsibly, they willingly share information.
  • The terms data protection and data privacy are often used interchangeably. Data privacy defines who has access to data, while data protection provides tools and policies to restrict access to the data. Compliance regulations help ensure user’s privacy requests are carried out, and companies are responsible for protecting private user data.

I recommend Insure Connect Services for their exceptional insurance administration. Their attention to detail and high-quality service have streamlined our processes effectively. ICS's cost-effective solutions have allowed us to optimize our resources and focus more on our core business. They are a valuable partner for any insurance-related business.


    MD of leading London Brokerage

    Insure Connect Services has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency with their impeccable and detailed service. They are proactive and execute every task to the highest standard. Their cost-effective approach has been a boon, allowing for efficient budget allocation. I highly recommend their services.


      AGM Founder and Managing Director, Melbourne

      Insure Connect Services is outstanding in back-office insurance administration, providing unparalleled service and attention to detail. They have refined our administrative processes, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Their cost-effective solutions have enhanced our overall productivity. ICS is a trustworthy and efficient partner in insurance administration.


        MD Leading National South African Brokerage

        ICS FAQs

        ICS operates across time zones to ensure seamless service delivery to Australian businesses. Our service staff in South Africa are aligned with Australian business hours, providing uninterrupted support for all your insurance administration needs. This global setup allows us to offer you competitive rates without compromising service quality. You are billed in Australia in Australian Dollars (AUD) for your convenience and to avoid any currency conversion concerns.

        Our staff accesses your system and e-mail platform via a remote work environment. All the data remains on your premises securely.

        ICS takes data protection seriously and employs an end-to-end data security solution. Our security measures are based on the principles of POPIA in South Africa and the Privacy Act 1988 in Australia. This includes data encryption in transit and at rest, regular security audits, compliance checks, and staff training on data protection. We also have robust incident response plans to mitigate potential data breaches.

        Absolutely. Because we work on your systems and no data is ever removed, your data always remains yours.

        ICS staff are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of insurance, including but not limited to Corporate, Commercial, retail, specialist, policy management, administration, and claims management. Our team comprises professionals with extensive insurance industry knowledge, ensuring they can provide expert support tailored to your needs. There is also a range from junior (years of experience) to senior, and we match the right people to the role.

        ICS offers a trial period for prospective clients to experience our services first-hand. This allows you to evaluate our capabilities and ensure our services align with your business needs before committing. Please contact our sales team for more information on how to set up a trial.

        We have a master agreement with your business; you pay a monthly agreed cost based on the staff utilised. We employ the staff and handle all labour relations, recruitment, and training. You can add or remove staff by giving one month’s notice per position, providing flexibility to add or remove staff according to your business requirements without the risk.

        ICS aims to make the termination process as straightforward as possible. Our contracts detail the termination process, notice period, and any applicable terms to ensure a smooth transition.

        ICS is committed to maintaining the highest compliance standards with all relevant insurance industry regulations in Australia and South Africa. All our staff are qualified to advise in either Tier 1 or Tier 2 in Aus. We regularly update our processes and training programs to align with the latest regulatory changes and conduct periodic audits to ensure ongoing compliance. Our compliance team works diligently to monitor and implement necessary adjustments to our operations, ensuring we meet or exceed industry standards.

        We offer comprehensive support for any technical issues or inquiries. Our dedicated support team is available during Australian business hours, with options for emergency support outside these hours. We provide multiple channels for support, ensuring you can reach us most conveniently.

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